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26th Feb 2013

Kathmandu Laboratory Build

Brad tests out one of the Labcold freezers

The XE2 Logistics team have finished building the Kathmandu Laboratory. Brad, Jimmy, Iain and Patrick will soon be ready to officially hand over the laboratory to Director Mike Grocott, before heading out to Lukla. From Lukla, they will trek up the Khumbu valley to Namche Bazaar to start building their second lab of the expedition.

Not only have the team had to organise all the kit that has arrived from the UK and elsewhere. They have also had to assemble much of the equipment, which had been broken down to facilitate shipping. For instance, the Lode bikes break down into several parts to enable them to be transported up the mountain.

The electricity in Kathmandu is not very reliable and power cuts are a fact of daily life for the locals. Therefore, Xtreme Everest 2 have been very happy to have the input of Dr Paul Richards. Paul trained the logistics team in the UK to build power systems for all of the laboratories. This will ensure that none of the data will be lost due to power failures during tests, or back up.

Finally, with their work in the Kathmandu lab completed the logistics team took some time out to get a quick hair cut

Kathmandu Lab build

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