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BLOG : Kay Mitchell
28th Feb 2013

Thirteen hours to go

Will it all fit?

Thirteen hours to go until the official start of XE2. This is the time that the main team will be heading off to Kathmandu from London Heathrow. If you happen to be there this evening, look out for a team of people all wearing lovely XE 2 branded kit from Arcteryx.

For those of you who have visited the site before you may have noticed the clock counter conting down. At the official start of the expedition it will start counting up. Thanks to Jon, our website guru, for making this change-over work so smoothly.

I have posted a load more photos into our two latest galleries. Mike and Denny in Kathmandu have been working hard to ensure that our supporters get a chance to see just how things are developing as we gear up to the start of testing.

Please do follow our progress and get in touch via the comments function at the bottom of stories and blogs. Alternatively, you can use Twitter or Facebook. We will be monitoring and updating all three whilst on the mountain, subject to adequate internet connections.

I must away now to pack my toothbrush. Do I need anything else? Blog soon.

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By: Mary RawsonWhen: 2nd Mar 2013 00:11

Kay, Mum and I wish you all the very best for a safe trip. It was great to see you off and can't wait to see some photos. Take care, love Mary xx

By: LindsWhen: 1st Mar 2013 09:28

GOOD LUCK to all and stay safe! Will miss you loads Grace and Ned. Exciting way to start married life!Take care Love Linds, Will& Rosiexxx

By: andrea harveyWhen: 1st Mar 2013 08:07

All the best Daniel come back safe will miss you lots let me know when you get there safe, we will look on the blog all the time.rnTake carernyour loving sisterrnAndrearnxxxxxxxxxx

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