Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Xtreme Everest Summit

Welcome to Kn02wledge 10: Oxygen
Welcome to Kn02wledge 10: Oxygen

The RSM worked in collaboration with the Xtreme Everest Oxygen Research consortium to deliver the latest research, experiments and knowledge learnt from the Everest laboratory at the 10th anniversary summit.

The continual commitment and extreme experiments carried out by this team bring lessons learnt from the mountainside to the bedside to improve outcomes for people who become critically ill and save the lives of many.

On the 23 May 2007 the Xtreme Everest team successfully summited Mount Everest (8848 meters). On the 24 May 2007, the second part of the team also successfully reached the top. These doctors and scientists studied human systems when stretched to breaking point in extreme environments to increase our understanding of critically ill patients.

To discover more about the team of doctors who carried out the largest medical research project on the Himalayas, with over 200 volunteers, 5 weeks of accurate testing, climbing over 8,000 feet to discover the extremes of human physiology to uncover further knowledge about oxygen to save more patients who are critically ill, watch this BBC documentary - Doctors in the Death Zone