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Xtreme Everest

Xtreme-Everest - a collaboration between Duke University USA, University of Southampton and University College London

One in five of us ends up in an intensive care unit. Two fifths of those admitted will sadly die. And a major cause is a lack of oxygen when it is most needed. This unique research exploits the oxygen-thin air at high altitudes to provide critical insights into how intensive care patients might be helped in the future. It could save hundreds of thousands of lives of people with a range of diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart and lung disease, cystic fibrosis and congenital heart disease.

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11th September 2015

Xtreme Runner's reach £1000

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24th August 2015

Third of the In Conversation With... published

Dr Gilbert - Kawai speaks to Jim Milledge as part of his In Conversation... series

19th August 2015

Sponsor the Xtreme Runners now!

Xtreme Everest will be running the Bournemouth Marathon in October

19th August 2015

Join us for the next CASE meeting

Liesl will be showing us her muscles in September

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