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Royal Society launches primary school science experiments videos

22nd Feb 2017 // At the end of last year, CASE Medicine was invited to participate in filming a segment for the Royal Society new series of videos for the Brian Cox School Experiments. The videos, along with written resources are aimed at Key Stage 2 (7 - 11 years old) and look at real life activities across the science curriculum.

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Xtreme Archive - Headaches and Shakes!

Calibrating the Lode exercise bike

20th Feb 2016 // It's the 7 September 2006 and in the UK Maisy became a real life 101 Dalmatian after giving birth to 15 puppies which at the time was the largest litter. In 2009 though, Button a three year old Dalmatian, knocked Maisy of her pedestal with the birth of 19 puppies.

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10th Anniversary Trekker takes on some Xtreme fundraising


16th Feb 2017 // There's just under 5 weeks to go until we return to Nepal for the 10th Anniversary of the Caudwell Xtreme Everest expedition, and not only are the trekkers gathering their kit together some are even gathering money all in aid of Xtreme Everest.

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The Vijay Ahuja Lecture

Vijay undergoing exercise testing at advanced base camp

6th Jan 2016 // The Xtreme Everest Oxygen Research Consortium and the Royal Society of Medicine are pleased to announce the inclusion of The Vijay Ahuja Lecture as part of the Kn02wledge 10 programme.

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Xtreme Everest January Newsletter

27th Jan 2017 // The Xtreme Everest January newsletter is now available to download. This is our first one for 2017 and will be back with more throughout the year.

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Research for Patient Benefit Programme

National Institute of Health Research

18th Jan 2017 // 


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Michaelmas is a maelstrom of meetings, events and freshers

13th Jan 2017 // Another one of Xtreme Everest's own has been published this month too!

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Xtreme Everest: The Story So Far

13th Jan 2017 // Xtreme Everest's very own Kay Mitchell has written an article that has been published in this months Royal College of Anaesthetist's bulletin.She writes about the formation of Xtreme Everest in 2004, what research they do and have done into improving the outcomes of critically ill patients and their findings from their eight high altitude research expeditions investigating environmental hypoxia in highlanders and lowlanders.

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Celebration of Six Decades of Medicine on Everest

Royal Geographical Society

12th Jan 2017 // 


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Season Greetings

22nd Dec 2016 // Seasons Greetings to all of our sponsors, collaborators, and supporters and best wishes for 2017 from everyone at Xtreme Everest!

Xtreme Everest December Newsletter

20th Dec 2016 // The Xtreme Everest December newsletter is now available to download. This is our final one for 2016 but we will be back in the New Year with lots of updates.

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Xtreme Archive - Five daredevils who helped science

Dan Martin

14th Dec 2016 // Its the 15th October 2012 and Honey Boo Boo has won her beauty pageant and been crowned Miss Extra in Los Angeles. Honey Boo Boo and her family would soon go on to be one of the biggest pageant families on TV.

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Can insights into human adaptation to severe environments be applied to the CCU?

6th Dec 2016 // Dr Dan Martin and Dr Helen McKenna have teamed up again, this time to write an article about Surviving Physiological Stress.

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Mark Wilson is flying high after wining Air Ambulance Doctor of the Year

25th Nov 2016 // Congratulations to Xtreme Everest's Mark Wilson who was recently named Air Ambulance Doctor of the Year at the annual Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence 2016.

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Reindeer VS Yak - The Christmas Battle

6th Dec 2016 // It’s long been known that Father Christmas has favoured the loveable reindeer to help him deliver presents to all the children around the world, but having witnessed the power of the might Nepalese Yak, is Father Christmas and the elves missing a trick?

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Glittering Horizon

Ken and Mike at Base Camp in 2013 - Photographed by Rob Wymer

24th Nov 2016 // A new book (due in 2017) tells the story of Xtreme Everest from a trekkers viewpoint. Compiled by seasoned Xtreme Everest trekker Mike Teanby, the book tells the trekkers story, warts and all, about what life was really like being a member of a small group - the Champions Group - who were strategically placed within this huge medical research programme.

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BOOKING NOW: KnO2wledge 10

25th Oct 2016 // Join us and the Royal Society of Medicine as we celebrate not only our 10th KnO2wledge conference but ten years since the successful Xtreme Everest team summit of Everest.

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Xtreme Archive: The Mountain Song Top 20

25th Oct 2016 // It's the 27 March 2007 and the Daily Mail were asking Did Knut the celebrity polar bear kill Yan Yan the panda? and Postman Pat was packing his bags and setting sail for the USA as he made his TV debut.

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Xtreme Everest launches Tenth Anniversary Cohort Study

Sea level testing

25th Oct 2016 // It is now ten years since we originally sent out a call for research subjects for the Caudwell Xtreme Everest research study which took place in 2007 in Nepal. The data we obtained at that time has been incredibly useful and the team have been busy working on this and pursuing our aim of improving the care of patients with low oxygen levels. We have now moved to the stage where we are starting to do studies in patients, most notably a National Institute of Health Research Study on targeted oxygen therapy being led by Dan Martin.

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In conversation with…Thomas Frederic Hornbein

24th Oct 2016 // Xtreme Everest's Dr Ned Gilbert-Kawai fourth and finalIn Conversation with... piece has just been published on Extreme Physiology & Medicine. The interview is part of Dr Gilbert-Kawai's mission to interview the good and the great from the academic world. The interviews lasted anything up to three hours, covering the span of each academics career including the highs, the lows and most importantly the research.

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