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Xtreme Everest release findings of Bedford School study

29th Sep 2016 // Entitled Effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on symptoms of acute mountain sickness and basic physiological responses in a group of male adolescents during ascent to Mount Everest Base Camp the paper looks at the study of forty-one healthy male students aged between 14 and 18 who were recruited from Bedford School in Bedfordshire, England. Full article>

NOW BOOKING - Xtreme Everest 2017 - The Story So Far

5th Aug 2016 // Trek places are now available to book via our trekking partner Jagged Globe Full article>

Xtreme Everest July Newsletter

28th Jul 2016 // The Xtreme Everest July newsletter is now available to download. Full article>

Xtreme Archive: Mountaineering Moustache Madness

26th Jul 2016 // Its the 24 April 2013 and on Everest one month in, some of the team were embracing big beards whilst others were reaching for trimmers and creating some glorious tributes to 80s fashion. It seemed some of the male members of the team fancied themselves as a bit of a Nicky Clarke as the CPET lab was transformed into a salon. Full article>

Tales from the Smoke Room book launch

20th Jul 2016 // Tales from the Smoke Room tells the story of the famous Pen-Y-Gwryd hotel in North Wales, which was the training camp for Hillary and Norgay's 1953 expedition to Everest Full article>

What medics learn from climbing mountains

20th Jul 2016 // Xtreme Everest's Dr Sundeep Dhillon's TedxLondon talk is now online Full article>

Xtreme Everest June Newsletter

21st Jun 2016 // The Xtreme Everest June newsletter is now available to download. Full article>

New rehydration research study requires participants

20th Jun 2016 // A new study starting shortly at the ISEH is looking for participants as they investigate whether the sense of thirst can guide rehydration as effectively as standard fluid maintenance. Entitled Could thirst-triggered self-administration of intravenous fluid lead to more rapid rehydration than clinician-directed infusion? the study is starting in July and will continue until the end of August. Full article>

Ultramarathon to honour Vijay Ahuja

10th Jun 2016 // On June 20th-22nd 2016, 15 of Vijay's military colleagues will participate in a 150 mile ultramarathon in memory of him. 5 teams will complete a 30 mile leg, to represent the Commando '30 miler’ which Vijay completed in 2011. The event will conclude on the morning of 22 June 2016 to coincide with the annual Symposium at the Institute of Naval Medicine.The team have been training hard over the last eight months and shown tremendous dedication in their cause. Full article>

From Kit Boxes to Feed Boxes

7th Jun 2016 // Surplus Xtreme Everest kit boxes get a new lease of life at a horse charity. Full article>

Xtreme Archive - XE trekker rounds up the Walk & Talk 2015

1st Jun 2016 // Ron Powell, who trekked with us in 2007 reviews the 2015 Walk & Talk weekend Full article>

Can being Fit for Surgery really help?

26th Apr 2016 // Prof Mike Grocott offers tips on small health changes that can be made prior to surgery, which will help patients recover quickly Full article>

Xtreme Archive - World's Highest Game of Handball

22nd Apr 2016 // On Tuesday the 17th August 2010, we made history. Two members of the CASE Team played the highest game of handball in the world. Full article>

Xtreme Archive - The Dreaded Muscle Biopsy

24th Mar 2016 // The details of our muscle biopsy research are a common source of questions and debate within the investigator group and our wonderful cohort of trekkers. Dan will currently be completing the third biopsy for the investigator group up at Everest Base Camp (in a small number of instances, their 4th biopsy!). Full article>

Study requiring participants

18th Mar 2016 // A new study called Measurement of total haemoglobin mass using the optimised carbon monoxide rebreathing method is looking for participants. All that is required is 30 minutes of your time and a blood test. Testing is taking place on a Wednesday or Friday in central London.

Full article>

Xtreme Archive - High and Mighty, Mitochondria at Altitude

18th Mar 2016 // When we breathe in air, the oxygen within it begins a journey. It travels down our trachea and into the lungs, where it passes into the bloodstream. The heart then pumps the blood all around our body, so that the oxygen is distributed to every single cell. Each of these contains hundreds of tiny organelles called mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell. Full article>

Xtreme Archive - Unsung Heroes

1st Mar 2016 // Xtreme Everest pay tribute to the unsung heroes of Everest; the Sherpa community who without them we would never been able to conduct our research Full article>

Participants needed for new study at the ISEH

18th Feb 2016 // Sign up for the new study investigating the effects of dietary nitrate supplements. Full article>

Participants needed for the Micro SAS Study at the ISEH

18th Jan 2016 // Hypoxia study requires research subjects Full article>

Step back in time with the BBC and Kevin Fong

18th Jan 2016 // BBC programme looks at the effects of hypoxia on the human body Full article>

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