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22nd Feb 2013

XE2 Logistics team arrives in Nepal

Have Jagged Globe got all my toys, Mum?

XE2 Logistics team arrives in Nepal along with members of the Kathmandu Laboratory team. Brad, Jimmy, Iain and Patrick joined the Grocott family at London Heathrow to fly to Nepal a few days ago.

Since arriving in Kathmandu the Logistics team have been busy purchasing additional supplies to support the building of the laboratories for the expedition. The equipment shipped from the UK has also arrived and cleared customs. So, the team have been working with local staff to sort the items into order ready for moving to the Khumbu valley.

Discussing the task ahead

Shiv Raj, Andrew, and Karma from Summit Trekking were all involved with previous Xtreme Everest medical research expeditions, and so are used to the challenges several metric tonnes of kit can bring.

Whilst this has been going on, Professor Mike Grocott and Dr Denny Levett have been working with locals Dr Rajendra Kumar BC and Dr Ram Mani Bhandari to screen the Sherpas that will be taking part this Spring as research subjects.

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