Space Medicine: The Challenge of Exploration Class Missions

After the International Space Station human space exploration will take us back to the Moon and onward to Mars. These expedition class missions will see astronaut crews deploy for months and years in the most remote locations ever occupied by a human crew. The people who take part in these missions will be uniquely vulnerable and protecting them presents a host of problems for the clinicians and scientists engaged in their medical care. From the medical selection of crew and maintaining their health to the problem of how to provide care if things go wrong. But what sort of doctor will be needed for this mission? Or do we need a doctor at all?

This one day seminar will provide an update on the medical challenges of extending our exploration of space and the role that physicians and scientists might play in keeping crews healthy on the way there. We'll also be hearing about the newly launched specialty of aerospace medicine and the training opportunities that will provide for UK trainees.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Kevin Fong - Anaesthetist & UK Space Medicine Pioneer
  • Mark Wilson - Neurosurgeon
  • Simon Evetts - Blue Abyss & ESA
  • Bonnie Posselt - RAF & Aerospace Medicine Trainee
  • Beth Healey - Antarctica & ESA
  • Pete Hodgkinson - RAF & UK's 1st Aerospace Medicine Consultant
  • Varsha Jain - ACF in O&G and Associate at Baylor College