How You Can Help Us

Eric takes blood from one of the research participants
Eric takes blood from one of the research participants

Xtreme Everest is a not for profit organisation supported by a number of SPONSORS, currently in the process of applying for charitable status in its own right. It costs on average £3,000 a day to care for a critically ill patient in intensive care in the UK. With costs this high, it is hard for the individual NHS organisations to find additional money to support research into improving care. Therefore, the Xtreme Everest research team spend a significant amount of time seeking funding support from companies, organisations and individuals to carry out research.

Xtreme Everest spends this money on a variety of research tasks and research support including:

  • sample processing and storage
  • purchasing, or leasing, and maintenance of equipment
  • analysis of data
  • and salaries

Xtreme Everest exists because of the amazing support it receives from sponsors, investigators, participants, volunteers, and friends. You can help too, click on the images below to see how.