Dr Andrew J. Murray

Andrew J

Andrew's work is concerned with mitochondrial function; how this is altered in metabolic diseases, during development and ageing, and with changes in diet, exercise and oxygen; and what effects these changes have on physiological performance. He, along with others aim to elucidate the causes of mitochondrial dysfunction and the impact this has on function at the level of the tissue, intact organ and whole body.

His interest lies in the control of mitochondrial respiration and energy metabolism and is interested in the metabolic response to dietary manipulation and alterations in oxygen supply, including the matching of oxygen demand and supply. He, along with his team study this in cells, tissues, animal models and healthy humans at high altitude, and in relation to diseases such as heart failure, COPD, anaemia and pathologies of pregnancy such as preeclampsia. A major recent interest is the role of dietary nitrate in the regulation of metabolism.