Erik R. Swenson M.D.

Erik R

Professor, Medicine and Physiology and Biophysics
My laboratory focuses on the physiology and pathophysiology of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitric oxide as they relate to gas exchange, ventilation-perfusion matching, control of ventilation, exercise tolerance, and vascular and airway regulation in a variety of situations ranging from humans at high altitude to fish in hypoxic/acidic waters. These studies often involve field work in mountain and marine environments. My work in lung injury models is centered on therapies that augment endogenous nitric oxide formation and antioxidant defenses and reduce inflammation. Examples include erythropoietin, nitrite, and inhaled carbon dioxide (therapeutic hypercapnia). With a longstanding interest in carbonic anhydrase, I have explored the enzyme’s role in numerous organ systems reflecting my interest in the study of the whole organism and interactions between organ systems.