Professor Marco Maggiorini

Marco Maggiorini

Prof. Dr. Marco Maggiorini is chair of the medical Intensive Care Unit at the University Hospital Zürich. Since 1996 is involved in medical Education fist as Member of the Examination Committee of the Swiss Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SGI) and then as Member and Chair of the Examination Committee of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), function he left 2016. From 2010 - 2013 he was Chair of the Division of Professional Development of the ESICM. As a Member of the ESICM Examination Committee he contributed during the last 6 years to the reform of the oral exam of the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC). The format of the oral EDIC exam moved from an unstructured bedside exam to an OSCE type of exam. Currently he is Past-President of the SGI and Member of the Education and Training Commission of the SGI.

He started his research career 1983 in the field of high altitude physiology and pathophysiology, with particular attention to the mechanisms and treatment of high altitude pulmonary edema. Accordingly the focus of his research in Intensive Care Medicine was devoted to the pulmonary circulation and the lung. He is author of several papers on the hemodynamics of patients with cardiogenic and septic shock. Since 2006 he is full Professor for Intensive Care Medicine at University Hospital in Zürich